The Cottage Game


Lots of people play games at the cottage, but finally, here's a game about the cottage!

The Cottage Game (*** Currently in deveolopment - now at version 4! ***) is about buying Property and hiring Workers and Specialists to run your business and build Cottages. Players are Builders trying to be the first to build 3 Cottages on an Island, Lake or Shoreline. The playing board will include popular cottage areas and can even be customized to your cottage area!!

The winner is the player who owns the most value of property, cottage(s) and cash at the end of the game. The Game ends after 5 years have gone by or after a player builds their 3rd cottage. A year has 4 Seasons, so players only have 20 turns in a game.

3-6 players, lasting 90 minutes to 2.5 hours

Playing the Game :
Players start their new construction business with an amount of money and start by hiring workers, specialists and buying property. Once they have some land, they can start building their cottage(s), 1 level at a time until completed. They have to balance the hiring out of workers they employ, to generate income, with assigning them to actually do the actual building, all while competing with the other players to be the richest cottage builder.

All resources are limited so when it comes time to buy/hire there can be a bidding war with other players, using an auction process. Be careful to no over-bid for a resource you canít afford in the long run!

The Game, laid out...
(With the compact board)

The Game components...
Board options (based on real locations, my friends' cottages!):

Players' pieces (3 cottages, 6 tents (for property ownership), muskoka chair for the Victory Point track and markers for awards:

Players' bank showing values of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5:

Building Permit, Deed, and a random Property Value (0-25):

Tracking the 5 steps of building a cottage (shown with assigned values):

5 qualities of Workers:

8 types of Specialists:

6 values of Auction cards: